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Rate: .35c/word (~1/3 cent per word)


  • Recommendation of what service will most benefit your work at its current stage
  • Overview of what said service will address

This is a great first step on your long journey towards developing your work. And the best part is–it knocks off costs for certain other services, because the Technician has already performed her first read-through.

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Manuscript Evaluation

Rate: $16/1k words

Manuscript evaluations typically take three to six weeks to complete.

If you’re looking for a one-time breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of your work, this is the place to start. The Technician will provide a 5-10 page analysis of your novel (or an appropriately sized breakdown of your short work). This will include a list of your novel’s strengths and weaknesses as well as a revision strategy and brief marketability assessment.

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Developmental Edit

Rate: 3-5c/word


  • Initial call
  • Developmental comments
  • Revision letter
  • Follow-up call
  • Optional: Book Map

Full developmental edits usually take 4 to 8 weeks, depending on manuscript length.

You and the Technician will start with a call (or an email if you prefer) in which you’ll go over your goals for the novel and any areas of strength or concern you’ve got going in.

The Technician will then go through your manuscript and provide detailed developmental comments. She’ll provide a revision letter that will include an explanation of overarching aspects for development as well as a breakdown of all points for revision or elaboration (including sensitivity concerns). It usually ends up being between 10 and 20 pages.

Additionally, the Technician may provide a book map in a spreadsheet, in which she will lay out for you the progression of all main and sub plots in the novel so that you can visualize any gaps, jumps, or concentrations in development.

Once you’ve had a chance to go through the revision letter, you’ll schedule another call with the Technician. This call is an opportunity for you to raise any questions and concerns and air some of your own suggestions to address the concerns she’s raised.

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Line Edit

Rate: 2-4c/word


  • A marked up-manuscript with tracked changes in the document and comments in the margins

This is the step you’ll want to take once you’re finished with overall development. A line edit will smooth everything out at the line level–get rid of those dangling modifiers, identify any areas that are confusing or unclear, and take care of many copyediting errors, among other things.

Please note that this service is not a copyedit, however–you’re advised to seek that service after completing the line edit. I can provide a referral upon request.

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Sensitivity/Diversity Read

Rate: $5/1k words


  • Your manuscripts with comments on any areas of concern
  • An email or document (depending on need) containing overarching concerns or explanation for line-level concerns

Sensitivity reading has come into play in recent years in response to a growing desire to promote diversity and inclusion. This service will help you to make sure your work is authentic. It can be difficult to write about people and places you have no experience with—a sensitivity reader can help you to create real, believable material that avoids pitfalls like stereotypes and ethnocentrism.

Sensitivity reading is included in the developmental editing service, but the Technician offers it on its own as well at the rate above. She specializes in sensitivity reads on work involving:

  • Multi-ethnic (mixed-race) experiences
  • Mexican-American experiences
  • Asian-American experiences
  • Women, particularly women of color
  • Emotional/psychological abuse and abuse-related PTSD

Don’t think your work might be harmful in any particular way, but still want to make sure you’ve got a thorough, audience-conscious manuscript? The Technician is happy to provide general sensitivity reading services in any genre.

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