Andrew Hayes Williams, Author

Stefanie has an almost preternatural ability to elevate your work. Before she touches a single word, she spends time getting to know your intentions, your thought process, and your goals with a piece, so by the time you have finished working together, you’re left with something that is unapologetically and distinctly you. She does something better than editing; she helps you examine your own work to ensure that every aspect of your story supports its main idea. What this means, in a broader sense, is that the work you share with Stefanie is allowed to explore big concepts. And no matter how lofty those concepts are, Stefanie effortlessly matches your ambition with enthusiasm and clarity. Such strong analytical skills seem generally exclusive to academia, but the precision and depth of her analysis are matched by her love for imagination and her ear for language. While I have only worked with her on fiction, I have no doubt that she excels at editing nonfiction too, because her excellence in one provides unique perspective for her approach to the other.

I used to think that editors were supposed to criticize you, that feeling deflated was an unpleasant-yet-necessary part of the process. Stefanie has proved the opposite is true. She fills you with confidence by being equally as passionate about your story as you are. When you’re working together, she acts like your best friend and your mentor, your confidante and your champion. She is kind, good-natured, humble, and brilliant. Despite the old axiom that no creative piece is ever perfect, Stefanie turns your work into the perfect version of itself. In short, your work will matter to her. And the privilege of having her on your team will matter to you.