Ellen Azevedo, Author

Working with Stefanie has been an absolute dream! I sent her the skeleton of a story and where some editors might have crafted a body onto that skeleton, Stefanie did something even more incredible. She helped ME craft the body and make it something whole. I am completely blown away by the time and care Stefanie took to first understand my vision of the story and to then help me shape that vision. She started by talking to me about the story, taking the time to ask why I’d written it and what my goals were. She then encouraged me to grow the story from there by pointing out places to expand, and later, when the story had fully bloomed, helped me prune it to perfection. I felt respected and understood throughout the whole process. She wasn’t just an editor, she was also a reader, a listener, a cheerleader, and a friend. Working with her has been a joy and a privilege and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Stefanie!!!