**PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer taking bookings through this site. To learn more about my services, please visit stefaniemolina.com.**

I’m Stefanie, a book coach who helps women writers of color work through their mindset blocks and complete the novels of their dreams.

In 2015, I joined a majority-white publishing industry that had been failing to make space for people of color for YEARS.

I spent a ton of time afterward struggling to be heard. I realized that if I wanted to see a change, I couldn’t rely on the white folx in power.

I had to do it myself.

And now, I’ve learned that existing as a woman of color in publishing doesn’t always have to be a fight. It doesn’t have to be lonely. It doesn’t have to feel like an uphill climb.

It can be everything you dreamed.

Have you been the only woman of color in the room? Been silenced because of it? Learned to question your voice, your feelings, your validity in a white-majority world?

I’ve been there too. And I’ve come out on the other side stronger and more determined than ever to help other women of color find success in publishing.

With seven years of experience as an editor, including a window into one of the top agencies in the United States, I can help you find your way. Check out my services below, and click here if you want to know more about my personal life.